Aromatherapy treatments encourage relaxation and can assist with certain physical and emotional conditions.  This happens through the direct application  of the essential oils to the body and or face and via the  aromatic effects of the oils,   Using a bespoke blend of carrier and essential oils, the aromatherapy treatments can assist the affected area or the whole body depending upon the symptoms and treatment being undertaken.

Aromatherapy treatments on offer

We offer two types of aromatherapy treatment:

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage  with aromatherapy oils

 How does Aromatherapy work?

The warmth of the hands assists the absorption of the carrier and essential oils by the skin.  A plethora of  massage techniques encourage relaxation, improved blood circulation, greater suppleness and the release of muscular tension.

Lymphatic drainage massage is an effective way of aiding the removal of toxic waste from the body.  The lymphatic system  collects toxins and excess fluid from cells and tissues, filters out bacteria, produces antibodies and returns the filtered fluid and antibodies to the blood.   Certain massage techniques can help the action of the lymphatic system thereby boosting the immune system. It is particularly useful for treating fluid retention.

Your first Aromatherapy treatment

At your first  aromatherapy treatment a medical history is taken to enable the therapist to make-up a  blend of essential oils tailored to your particular health needs. Essential oils are aromatic substances which are extracted from botanical sources. They come from various parts of the plant e.g. flowers, leaves, roots, peel, resin or bark.

Prices for  Aromatherapy  treatments: 

  • 60 minute aromatherapy session: £60.00
  • 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage session: £65.00

Terms and conditions

Please note that if you book an aromatherapy treatment and find you are unable to keep the appointment you must give 24 hours notice of cancellation or you may be liable for the full cost of the session.